Renewal In Action

The church is sent to the world with the good news of the kingdom of God. In Jesus, there is freedom and forgiveness of sin and new life for all who repent and believe. 

God is at work in renewing this world and calls his people to feed the hungry, bring water to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, cloth the naked, care for the sick, look after the orphans and widows, and free the captives in their neighborhood and in the world.

River Rock also embraces this call by serving in the community and by supporting and partnering with several organizations both local and abroad.

  • River Rock supports the mission of Providence to inspire and equip others around the world to love orphans, widows, and at-risk communities as God loves them.

  • In Honduras, La Providencia provides family-based community care for orphaned and vulnerable children. River Rock supports the families in this community.  Teams are sent to Honduras to learn and see the best practices in orphan care excellence and serve the families along with the La Providencia staff.

  • River Rock supports Powerhouse Ministries in Folsom as they share God's hope and empower youth and families to change their lives and rise above their circumstances. 

  • Twin Lakes serves the local community by providing food and other assistance to those who are going though difficult circumstances and need help to make ends meet.

  • HART of Folsom assists those who are homeless by helping them to live a life of greater self-sufficiency and independence.